Our Projects

The Women and Taiko collective takes on specific projects to address needs in the taiko community. At our first gathering in August 2017, our discussions generated the three projects now underway. As time goes on, we will likely initiate new projects.


In May 2018, we initiated a four-month pilot mentoring program in partnership with the TCA. We will open it up more broadly after August 2018 to women in TCA. We will periodically invite applications to the program, for both mentors and for women seeking mentors.

The power of mentoring lies in how it enables individuals to find their way by connecting with others. Studies have shown that mentoring programs are often a key way for future leaders to begin to think of themselves as such, while building relationships with others. While many of us in the taiko community rightly celebrate taiko as an art form practiced by a majority of women, gender inequities exist in ways that might not be obvious. The mentoring program provides a support system that addresses gender inequities in the taiko community and in our culture at large. Topics might include, but are not limited to, guidance in group leadership, pedagogy, conflict management, maintaining a professional performing career, and more. Mentors will offer personalized guidance from a gendered perspective.

Mentors and mentees are selected and paired by a committee. A mentee is asked to enter the relationship with a specific question or need. Mentors and mentees sign a formal agreement to meet one to three times in a defined period of several months, whether in person or by phone/Skype. Mentees take responsibility for arranging meetings and generating questions. Conversations between mentors and mentees are strictly confidential.

Visibilty Campaign

How have women shaped taiko in North America? This project offers a broad look at individual women who lead the way, as musicians, teachers, costume designers, composers, childcare organizers, treasurers, and much more. We aim to make visible the many ways that women shape the entire range of activities in the taiko community.

Workshop Leaders Resource list

“Women You Should Invite to Teach a Workshop”

“Women from Whom We Can Learn”

Have you ever wished you could invite a brilliant, creative, and experienced woman to lead a taiko workshop? We have too, so we put our heads together and created a spreadsheet of outstanding women who can lead workshops in a broad range of areas. We believe there is a real need for this list. It is meant to educate and to inspire, and to help all of us in the taiko community think about skills, knowledge, and leadership in a broader way. This spreadsheet will be updated periodically, so remember to check back (and refresh your screen when you do).

Please contact us if you would like us to add someone to our list, and be sure to provide us with all the necessary information.