Through a guided discovery process curated by Michelle Fujii and Karen Young, the cohort will reflect on their taiko journeys while tapping into a well of professional development resources that include engaging with a series of guest presenters. The cohort will be provided tools to work toward their defined artistic goals, and present a Community Learning Project that they will develop over the course of this program.

From June – December 2019, the cohort will meet monthly through online meetings, webinars, or in-person meetings to focus on specific areas of leadership development. Guidance will also be provided from guest speakers such as – Tiffany Tamaribuchi, Linda Uyehara-Hoffman, ManMan Mui, plus others.

The cohort will attend Step Up/Step Out, a 2 day professional development retreat elevating the voice of women in the taiko community on Aug. 11-13, 2019. Additionally the cohort will meet in person following Step Up/Step Out on Aug. 14, 2019 in Portland, OR.

June: Online cohort meeting - Orientation, Personal Strengths Inventory
July: Online cohort meeting - Community Learning Project
August 11 - 14, 2019: Step Up/Step Out 2-day Professional Development + 1 Retreat Day with mentee cohort
September: Webinar followed by online cohort meeting - Insights from veteran women taiko artists. How did they find their voice? What has given them the drive to keep going?
October: Webinar followed by online cohort meeting - Insights from emerging women taiko artists. How are they setting their path? What are their goals?
November: Online cohort meeting - Setting Intentions and Goals, Articulation of Artistic Statement
December: Online cohort meeting followed by webinar - Reflections from cohort about fellowship program.