Sunday, 8/11
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Monday, 8/12 10 AM - 9 PM (optional breakfast groups)
Tuesday, 8/13 10 AM - 4 PM (optional breakfast groups and/or dinner activity)

Through facilitated relationship building exercises, themed small group discussions, and playing taiko, we will:
●      Connect with each other to grow a stronger, more diverse network of visible and emerging women leaders.
●      Create a supportive space to meet, exchange ideas, and build a community.
●   Provide strategies on a wide range of taiko pathways (including performance, touring, activism, teaching, production).

Finding our voice through taiko: Creative sessions playing together through singing, moving and jamming powerfully to the beat of the drum.
Connecting with others: Do you have a topic that you want to discuss? Do you have questions about; teaching, earning a living, promoting your work, or what it’s like to be a taiko mom? We’ll set up discussion groups based on interest. By sharing our stories with each other, we will reflect on our roles in our taiko groups, the taiko community, and the world and consider how we can use our unique voices to take next steps in our taiko lives.
Leadership Development: Using the Whole Person Leadership model we will assess where we are on a personal level and where we want to be as leaders.
Lightning Round: A rapid fire, “let’s try it out!” of simple exercises or drills. Each person has up to 10 minutes to present/demonstrate. Spirited, lively contributions from everyone could include tips around classroom management, a get to know you exercise, a warm up drill that everyone loves, or a breathing sequence that helps calm pre-show jitters! We will come away invigorated and with a fresh set of tools to try at home.