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August 11-13, 2019 (registration is closed)

(6:30PM Sun – 4PM Tues)

Portland, Or

Led, Facilitated, and Organized by:

Karen Young, Michelle Fujii, Linda Uyehara Hoffman, Sarah Ayako

This 2-day session immediately following the North American Taiko Conference will focus on developing and elevating the voice and experience of women in the taiko community. In our time together, we will focus largely on building skills needed to enhance and bolster your leadership. In a supportive environment, we will develop your personal vision, identify your unique artistic voice and skills, share workshop design principles, build relationships with each other, and emphasize planning for the future.

The Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center is easily accessible by Trimet MAX Light Rail with several affordable Airbnb nearby. Plenty of street parking available.

Dear Fabulous Women and Taiko Supporters -

Thank you for making the time for this important event! Michelle, Linda, Sarah, and I have been dreaming and meeting about this convening for months. It looks like there will be just over 30 of us in attendance from every region of the US, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand. One third of us attended the Women and Taiko Summer Taiko Intensive in 2017, 4 of us are 18-24 years old, 5 of us are 55+, 5 identify as non-binary, 2 identify as male, some of us earn a living as a taiko practitioner, most of us do not, some of us are moms/parents of young ones and are the central care takers in our families. We have a big impact on the community as players, arts administrators, teachers, students, event organizers, performers, founders of groups, and/or are key to production/tech. All of us are passionate about taiko and care deeply about gender equity.

This gathering is unique in that we've tailored our program content and structure based on your pre-conference survey. Many of us want a clear picture of what Women and Taiko looks like - what are the issues and challenges?, what does it mean? Toward that end, we are working on sharing a portion of your survey answers prior to your arrival. We will also be spend some time drilling down and talking about what gender bias looks like from our own experiences. We will also have an opportunity for the Women and Taiko Fellows Cohort to present their Stretch Projects, which will provide us with a lot of reflect on. And, of course, there will be lots of room for conversations and listening and telling our taiko story!

The large majority of us want tools to be better teachers and leaders. We can't think of a better way to do this than crowd source. All of us have a go-to/favorite drill, exercise, game, perspective, and/or technique that has inspired us. We will use these exercises to energize and connect us while playing together and will result in us going home with 20+ new tools for our teaching/learning toolkit.

We look forward to seeing you in Portland!

Karen Young, Michelle Fujii, Linda Uyehara-Hoffman, Sarah Ayako