What You Can Do

Oh no! You have unconscious bias ? So do we! Check out the list below to help you think about gender representation.

Is there equal representation of women, men, and non-binary individuals in
your marketing and promos?

Who gets to solo, and who do you bring in for workshops? Do you have
"girls" and "boys" parts in your pieces? Be aware of your language and
unconscious bias.

Grow your awareness of gender roles in your group. Be aware of who is
assigned to such "soft tasks" as organizing, costumes, and cleaning.

Develop support systems for women. Offer to mentor women! If you have a
taiko mommy in your group, ask her what she might need to participate more

Give recognition when it's due. Get recognition for your work.

Train others or the next generation so they can take over after us -
giving them responsibilities will also give them confidence.

Find a balance between career, life, and taiko.

We can be FIERCE! This is an acronym created by Emma Valentine in

"F"- Fear nothing. Do five things every year that scare you.

"I"- Initiative, Ideas, and Input. Your knowledge is valuable! Don't be
shy about making contributions.

"E"- Encourage. We need to support each other and back each other up.

 "R" - Recognition and Representation. Notice and acknowledge who is
doing the work. Be visible. Step up as teachers and performers.

 "C"- Connect. Connect with other women and share your stories of triumph
and share your challenges. We are stronger together!

"E"- Educate. Educate yourself and others, and be sure to know the women
who blazed the path.