Workshop Leaders Resource List

Have you ever wished you could invite a brilliant, creative, and experienced woman to lead a taiko workshop? We have too, so we compiled a list of women who have led workshops or discussions at prominent taiko gatherings and created a spreadsheet of outstanding women with expertise in a broad range of areas. We believe there is a real need for this list. It is meant to educate and to inspire, and to help all of us in the taiko community think about skills, knowledge, and leadership in a broader way.

This spreadsheet currently list women who have presented at taiko events in North America and Europe. If you have a recent taiko event (within the last 5 years) that you would like included please use the contact form and provide us with the name of the event, date, and contact information for the event organizer.

We know there are MANY WOMEN not on this list and we are working on a thoughtful process to develop that list as well! Stay tuned!